Dance Lessons in Atlanta

If you are looking for dance lessons in Atlanta, you have found a good resource. Atlanta Dance World has one of the most comprehensive lists of schools and teachers for the Atlanta area.
There are many different types of dance studios. Some are called "Franchise" schools and some are independant schools. Prices and quality of instruction can vary widely, so please take the time to call several, and ask other dancers for recommendations.

You can start here with Dance Studios in Atlanta. Most of these studios are focused on partner dancing, but check the list, because there are other choices as well. Next you may want to take a look at the listing for Jazz, Tap and Ballet in Atlanta. If you are looking for private lesson, but are on a budget, sometimes contacting a teacher directly will yield the best results, so please take a look at the list of Dance Teachers in Atlanta.

For Specific dances, there is also a list for Salsa in Atlanta, Tango in Atlanta, and Swing in Atlanta.

I hope this information will be helpful in your search for a good school or teacher in Atlanta.