Swinglitzer prize - WRITE YOUR STORY!

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Swinglitzer prize - WRITE YOUR STORY!

Postby zenaswing » Fri Nov 30, 2007 5:46 am

Write a story, titled "My Swing": tell us about an experience, a date, a man or a woman, a friendship, a love affair or just an emotion to the rhythm of Swing.

Send a story, a tale, a song, a poem or a novel (!) to info@swingdancegenova.net before the 15th of January 2008.

We will read everything carefully and among all the stories, the tales, the songs,the poems and the novels we receive, we will choose the best 2 in Italian and the best 2 in English.
The Prize for the winners will be a Package to our SWING, BROTHER, SWING FESTIVAL in May 2008.

Put "My swing tale" in the object of your mail and..write, write, write!

Winners will be published on our website before the end of February 2008 (depending on the numbers of the mail we'll get).
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