Atlanta Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice

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Atlanta Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice

Postby john.darden » Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:27 am

Learn To Play Your Favorite Instrument Now!

We offer weekly music lessons for Guitar, Drums, Piano,
Bass, and Voice
from some of the most experienced and
educated instructors in Atlanta. All ages and skill levels accepted.

What You Get With AtlMusicLessons:

- Personalized instruction from an experienced professional
- Learn how to play any song
- Proper technique, which helps you learn faster!
- Learn music theory
- Secrets for sounding great with a band
- Learn to read music
- How to Improvise
- Learn to write your own parts
...and much more

We help each student build a solid foundation in proper
technique and musical theory. No matter what the students
goals are, proper technique and musical theory are necessary
to becoming an excellent musician.


Conrad has been taking drum lessons from Atl Music Lessons
for over 3 years now. He enjoys the lessons and looks forward
to them every week. I never thought we would still be drumming,
but thanks to Conrad's teacher, it looks like Conrad has truly
developed a love of music. His brother plays guitar and they
have a blast playing together now.
- Kim Cornell

Our Location is 2055 Mount Paran Road, N.E. - Atlanta, GA
30327. Our rates are $20 per half hour, and $35 per full hour.

If you or your child is interested in learning more about
music lessons, please visit
or give us a call at 678-907-8882.

John Darden
Lesson Coordinator

Atlanta Music Lessons, Atlanta Guitar Lessons, Atlanta Drum Lessons, Atlanta Piano Lessons, Atlanta Bass Lessons, Atlant Voice Lessons
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